The O'Carroll of Éile Ui Cearbhaill
Fredrick Arthur O'Carroll

Fredrick Arthur O'CarrollAbout The Cianachta - Clan Cian

Clan Cian was founded and recognized by the late F. J. O'Carroll, of Éile O'Carroll, Chief of the Name. Fredrick Arthur O'Carroll, has since assumed the mantle of Chief of the Name with the backing of his Council of Chieftains. Chief Fred, descends from the ancient Kings and Princes of Éile O'Carroll. The Kingdom of Éile (Ely) resides in the heart of south-central Ireland.  The O'Carroll is a recognized member of the Standing Council of Irish Chiefs and Chieftains. Not all of the current recognized Chiefs on the Standing Council live in Ireland, The O'Carroll, the Chief of Clan Cian, currently resides in the United States.

The name Cianachta in Irish means "of the Race of Cian," and so, Clan Cian in modern English. The Cianachta were recognized as a racial group in ancient Ireland and now called again to assemble as a clan in these modern times.  We are dedicated to the preservation of the Éile O'Carroll Territory including the Kingdom of Éile and the O'Carroll family and all related families histories. The clan represents the  O'Carroll/Carroll families and also includes of all the related, family septs, dependent family septs of Éile O'Carroll and other parts of Ireland, and worldwide.  Clan Cian has an appointed Council of Chieftains and Clan Officers that preside over certain designated regional areas appointed by The O'Carroll, Chief of Éile O'Carroll and Clan Cian.

Historically according to Edward McLysaght the first Chief Herald of the newly-formed Republic of Ireland, the term "clan" or "clanne" in Ireland refers to the people living within a certain territory, whereas in Scotland a clan is comprised of people of a specific family. In ancient Ireland, the old kingdom of Éile O'Carroll (Éile Ui Cearbhaill) included many family surnames that you find today. Of those families, the powerful O'Carrolls were kings, overlords, and later chiefs of their people. A few of the major families related by blood to the O'Carrolls, which lived within the Kingdom of Éile O'Carroll were the O'Meaghers, O'Caseys, O'Haras, and O'Garas. All of these family surnames and other related septs, are members of the Clan of Cian - the Cianachta.

What type of services does Clan Cian offer?

By joining the Clan, you receive a lifetime membership for yourself, your spouse, and your children (until they reach eighteen years of age).  You'll receive a membership packet which contains several fun, and interesting items. Each new member receives a Clan Cian Membership Certificate, identification cards, and updated bulletins which contain Cianachta historical information.

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Where can I find more information about joining?

If you are interested in obtaining a membership, or just curious and would like more information about Clan Cian, you can write to the main office at:

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