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Over My Shoulder
Metamorphosis of Innocence
By: Corporal James T. Moore
Adventures of a First Division Marine


Of all the books written about the Marine Corps tough Guadalcanal battle, former Corporal Jim Moores' 416 page book is one of the most unique.

Written by an "Old Breed" veteran of the First Marine Division, Moore was one of the first Marines to come ashore on 7 August 1942.

Like thousands of others, Guadal, was his first combat. Street savvy, he learned to use his quick wits and Irish sense of humor to survive the ordeal.

Over My Shoulder, is an honest account of how fear, death, hunger esprit de corps mixed with blood, created an invincible fighting force. On the way to victory, Moore and his pals come of age on a remote and bloody island.

Using dozens of photos, (many never before published.) Moore traces his youth and training at Parris Island.

Shipping out on the Alchiba for New Zeland, Moore and his pals are stranded at sea until jury rigged repairs saved them.

After a warm and kind welcome at Wellington and some mishaps with girls, Moore and the Firs Division set sail for the "Canal" and a chance to test themselves against the Japanese Army and Navy.

Like his youthful pals, Moore faced mud, rain, disease, hunger, insects and the ever present danger of a deadly enemy.

Let by General A.Vandegrift, Irin Mike Edson and Chesty Puller, the Marines stayed on the "Canal" and smashed the best troops the Japanese Imperial Army and Navy could muster.

Other heroic men emerged from the hell of the "Canal" and one of them was Sergeant Mitchell Paige who received the Medal of Honor and a battlefield commission for his actions in October, 1942.

Colonel Paige has written a sincere inspiring Foreward for Moore's book which defines it's essence.

For the men of the First Division who fought on Guadal in 42, chased Aussie girls, went to New Britain, the Cape and other hard fights, Over My Shoulder is a loving tribute as Moore recalls the fun, courage and the Marines tenacity of spirit. For those who missed the hell and glory of the Pacific campaigns, Jim Moore's book will fill in the blank spaces.

His powerful book is certain to be a new classic in the proud annals of the United States Marine Corps.

Every veteran of the conflict should have this book.... least we the living forget those who died in battle or have received their last transfer to a post of duty.


NOTE: Jim Moore passed away a few weeks before his book appeared in print.

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