The Arms Of The O'Carroll Of Eile

The Arms pictured above are the Personal Arms and Badges of Eile F.J. O'Carroll of Eile, Chief of Name and Clan Cian-Carroll. Grant of Arms and Badges 1982, by The Chief Herald of Ireland.

The meaning of the Carroll Coat-of-Arms is: One Lion stands for King Cearbhall, the other Lion for His Tanist (Successor), both upholding the Magic Sword of Eile. The Meaning of the Name Cearbhaill (Irish) or Carroll is "Victorious Warrior" and relates to the "Song of The Sword", an early 10th century poem ascribed to Dallan MacMore.
It should be Noted the Forms of the Name: Cerbhall, Cearbhall, Cearbhaill or Chearbhaill are Irish. Carroll is the English Form (Anglicized). MacCarroll means the "Son of Carroll". O'Carroll means the "Grand Son of Carroll". Ui placed before the name means "O' ", and Mc or Mac before a name means "Mac". Cianacht (Keenaght) in Irish means "The Race of Cian", (Clan Cian in English). Cianachta are also Eoghanacht in descent from Eoghan Mor I, or Eugene The Great, Grandfather of Cian.

The Crest of Carroll-O'Carroll. After the Plague of 1447 A.D., That part of the Crest, The Stump of an Oak Tree Sprouting Branches, is Symbolized as able to grow New Branches and the Seed comes from the Stump. (Isaiah 6:13) (a 10th of the population in the land survived the plague).

 The Crest Anciently had the Falcon or Hawk's wings in a Closed Position, as shown above. Charles Carroll, Founder of the Maryland Family Branch (Carrolls of Carrollton), changed the wings to a Rising Position (wings-expanded) for the Family's Flight across the Atlantic to America. With my 1982 New Grant-of-Arms, Crest, Badges, and Mottoes, Dated 1983, I had the Falcon or Hawk Armed, Tongued and Beaked, to Revive Clan Carroll to its former state of The Clan Cian of Eile (Ely). I added the Ancient War-Cry "Seabhach Abu" (pronounced "Showack Aboo") means "Hawk Victory" or "The Hawk is Forever". My Branch Motto is "Flecti non Frangi", and means "Bending not Breaking" and was added with the Chartered Re-formation and Incorporation of Cianacht (Clan Cian of Eile). The Carroll-O'Carroll Motto, "In fide et in bello fortis", means "Strong both in faith and war". The Charles Carroll Branch Motto is "Ubicumque cum Libertate", which translates as "Anywhere, so long as it be Free".

Badges Granted to me by the Chief Herald of Ireland. Under my Grant of Arms My Crest is Regarded as The Clan-Badge-of-Office. I have made Allowance for it to be Worn by every Clansperson of Clan Cian-Carroll.

My Munster Badge of Incorporation is Three Coronets, or Crowns, and was Granted to me for Clan Incorporation representing Desmond, Thomond, and Ormond/Eile O'Carroll.

My Plant Badge of Three Columbines I have also made Available to the Clanspeople of Clan Cian for Their Use.

Pictured here are the Arms of William O'Carroll, King of Eile, a descendant of Eile Righ Dhearg, the Red King, Seventh in Descent from Cian, Prince of Ormond and Son of Olioll Olum, King of Munster.
The Arms of William O'Carroll, King of Eile, is considered by many as a Family Sept Arms

Edward MacLysaght, former Chief Herald of Ireland, in his book. Irish Families (1957) stated the position is, Arms shown in Part III, of the book, may be displayed without impropriety, of the Sept if that person really does belong to the Sept. Never the less any person desiring to bear Arms is advised to apply for a Letter of Confirmation.

The Arms of O'Carroll, of Ely are illustrated on Plate III. This is the Coat that many of the Carroll Sept consider to be the Traditional Arms of Carroll~O'Carroll that they want to display without a Confirmation.

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