Lineage Links

Below are some helpful links to begin or continue your heritage research. Please let us know if any links are broken or incorrect.

The Offaly Historical and Archeological Society has some excellent articles on its site.

Irish Midlands Ancestry has details of other family names for the area.

History Links

f you feel like researching ancient Ireland then you'll happily get lost in Dennis Walsh's remarkable "work in progress".
Ireland's History in Maps

Celtic Europe has material on the broad European Celtic civilization.

Reconstructing History is a group researching old Irish dress.

University College Cork has placed translations of early Irish literature online.
CELT Corpus of Electronic Published Texts

Travel back to another age with this online translation.
The Confessions of St Patrick


 Irish Genealogy Ltd is a good first port of call as it's a Government - sponsored organization set up to coordinate genealogical research.
The Irish Genealogical project

The Irish Tourist Board has interesting pages on family names.
GoIreland Genealogy Pages

The Irish Times site has a genealogy section, arranged by county.

The Chief Herald of Ireland is responsible for determining clan succession and coats of arms
Office of the Chief Herald

There are a number of US-based resources:

The Library of Congress has pointers to many resources.
Library of Congress Sources for Irish Genealogy

TIARA is a Massuchessets-based Irish genealogical research organisation

This page on IrishGenealogy.com has links on Irish immigration in specific American cities


While not strictly related to Ely, Birr Castle has an informative site.
Birr Castle Web Site

The local newspapers.


Irish Abroad

USA Irish Net

Dennis Doyle's Irish Links