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Introduction to the history of Clan O'More

The ancient Irish family of the name descends from O'Mordha (meaning majestic). The ancestor from whence they sprung was Conal Cearnach one of the Red Branch knights of Irish history.

The Rapparees

When Queen Mary ascended the English throne on the death of her stepbrother Edward VI in 1553, all the penal and proselytizing Acts of Parliament which the Catholics of both islands groaned under were promptly repealed.


Dunamase and the O'Mores of Leix

The kings or chiefs of Laios (Leix) or Dunamase enjoyed many privileges in the Court of the King of Leinster. They: a) Had a right to a sirloin of every beast killed for the table of the King b) Were the Kings chief councilors and treasurers c) Had the honour of distributing his bounty to bands, musicians and other professionals


Historical notes on the O'Mores and their territory of Leix

Dr. Joyce, in his work, “The Origin and History of Irish Names and Places,” explains that in ancient times the O’More tribe-name of Ui Laoighis (Pronounced Leesh) was applied to their territory, and that it is derived from a famous Ulster ancestor named Lughaidh Laeighseach (Lewy Leesagh), son of Laeighseach Canvore, son of the renowned Conall Cearnach, chief of the Red Branch Knights of Ulster in the first century.

O'More Family House Of IR- Clanna Rory

Family tree from Fenius Farsa B.C., King of Scythia Circa 1500-1400
to Richard Moore O’Farrell 1797-1880 , Murthagh-(France 1691 Lord Valmont & Irish Brigades) and the Richard Moore O’Farrell 1797-1880 Lines

What A Troubled Period Of Fights

from the book "History of The Queens County"


1607 Treaty from the book "History of The Queens County"

During a whole week the governor and sheriff of Leix had been employed in destroying the people remaining there, in seizing their cattle and all they possessed, while a savage order had been issued to hang any of them found in their ancient principality.


(9)  June, 1598 The Annals state that the Earl of Ormond with a great host of twenty-four companies of foot and two hundred horse set out for Laois and encamped in the evening on a high hill on the border. Next morning he sent out his nephew, James Butler, (from whom great hopes in war and in peace had been expected), with a troop to reconnoitre the passes. On the very first pass Butler was met by Brian Roe O .Mordha, "that most mischievous and malicious traitor", with 150 men who gave the Ormond troop a fierce and terrific salute and hemmed it in on- all sides. 

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